Why Private Cloud First


Some IT decision makers may wonder, I have already virtualized my datacenter and am running a highly virtualized IT environment, do I still need a private cloud? If so, why?

The answer is a definitive YES, and the reason is straightforward. The plain truth is that virtualization is no private cloud, and a private cloud goes far beyond virtualization. (Ref 1, 2)

Virtualization Is No Private Cloud

Technically, virtualization is signified by the concept of “isolation.” By which a running instance is with the notion that the instance consumes the entire hardware despite the fact that multiple instances may be running at the same time with the same hosting environment. A well understood example is server virtualization where multiple server instances running on the same hardware while each instance runs as if it possesses the entire host machine.

A private cloud on the other hand is a…

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Making webpart ajax enabled

<File Path="Masters\City.aspx" Url="Masters/City.aspx" ReplaceContent="TRUE">
      <View List="Lists/Cities" BaseViewID="1" WebPartZoneID="wpzCityModule" WebPartOrder="1">
              <webPart xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/WebPart/v3">
                      <type name="Microsoft.SharePoint.WebPartPages.XsltListViewWebPart,Microsoft.SharePoint,Version=,Culture=neutral,PublicKeyToken=71e9bce111e9429c" />
                      <importErrorMessage>Cannot import this Web Part.</importErrorMessage>
                          <property name="Title" type="string">My Tasks</property>
                          <property name="AllowMinimize" type="bool">True</property>                          
                          <property name="InplaceSearchEnabled" type="bool">True</property>
                          <property name="ShowToolbarWithRibbon" type="bool">False</property>

<WebPartPages:WebPartZone runat="server" FrameType="None" ID="wpzCityModule">

Adding list view webpart to aspx page

Nikhil Gaikwad

Add following snippet of code to your aspx file.

<WebPartPages:WebPartZone runat=”server” FrameType=”TitleBarOnly” ID=”WebPartZone4″> <WebPartPages:XsltListViewWebPart ID=”XsltListViewWebPart4″ runat=”server” ListUrl=”Lists/Promoted” IsIncluded=”True” NoDefaultStyle=”TRUE” Title=”Quick Links” PageType=”PAGE_NORMALVIEW” FrameType=”None” Default=”true” ViewContentTypeId=”0x”> </WebPartPages:XsltListViewWebPart> </WebPartPages:WebPartZone>

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Some usefull powershell scripts

Create Web Application using PowerShell

$ap = New-SPAuthenticationProvider

New-SPWebApplication -Name “SharePoint PowerShell” -Port 1111 -ApplicationPool “SharePoint – 80” -DatabaseServer “Para12khv01\SPSQL2012” -DatabaseName “WSS_Content_d170b993d38647819711f73ece3e9397” -AuthenticationProvider $ap

SharePoint List Schema

  AllowDeletion = "TRUE" | "FALSE"
  AllowEveryoneViewItems = "TRUE" | "FALSE"
  AlwaysIncludeContent = "TRUE" | "FALSE"
  BaseType = "0" | "1" | "3" |"4" | "5"
  CacheSchema = "TRUE" | "FALSE"
  Catalog = "TRUE" | "FALSE"
  Category = "Libraries" | "Communications" | "Tracking" | 
    "Custom Lists"
  Default = "TRUE" | "FALSE"
  Description = "Text"
  DisableAttachments = "TRUE" | "FALSE"
  DisallowContentTypes = "TRUE" | "FALSE"
  DisplayName = "Text"
  DocumentAsEnclosure = "TRUE" | "FALSE"
  DocumentTemplate = "Integer"
  DontSaveInTemplate = "TRUE" | "FALSE"
  EditPage = "Text"
  EnableModeration = "TRUE" | "FALSE"
  EnablePeopleSelector = "TRUE" | "FALSE"
  EnableResourceSelector = "TRUE" | "FALSE"
  FeatureId = "Text"
  FolderCreation = "TRUE" | "FALSE"
  Hidden = "TRUE" | "FALSE"
  HiddenList = "TRUE" | "FALSE"
  Image = "URL"
  MultipleTypes = "TRUE" | "FALSE"
  MustSaveRootFiles = "TRUE" | "FALSE"
  Name = "Text"
  NewPage = "Text"
  NoCrawl = "TRUE" | "FALSE"
  OnQuickLaunch = "TRUE" | "FALSE"
  Path = "Text"
  RootWebOnly = "TRUE" | "FALSE"
  SecurityBits = "Text"
  Sequence = "Integer"
  SetupPath = "Text"
  SyncType = "Text"
  Type = "Integer"
  Unique = "TRUE" | "FALSE"
  UseRootFolderForNavigation = "TRUE" | "FALSE"
  VersioningEnabled = "TRUE" | "FALSE">