Adding members to umbraco programatically

if (Member.GetMemberFromEmail(txtMail.Text) == null)

    MemberType demoMemberType = new MemberType(1136);
    Member newMember = Member.MakeNew("Nikhil Gaikwad", demoMemberType, new umbraco.BusinessLogic.User(0));

    newMember.Email = txtEmail.Text;
    newMember.Password = "Pass@123";
    newMember.LoginName = txtFirstName.Text;

    newMember.getProperty("address").Value = txtAddress.Text;
    newMember.getProperty("firstName").Value = txtFirstName.Text;
    newMember.getProperty("lastName").Value = txtLastName.Text;
    newMember.getProperty("gender").Value = 7;
    //member exists

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